Crese is a company dedicated to the organization and delivery of courses and seminars focused on themes of personal and social growth, which help each person in developing the best version of themselves.

The client was looking for a design for a mainly feminine market, women of all ages that were looking for a space of learning, growth and self-knowledge. A warm, soft design was needed, that invited action and change. A modern and inspirational brand that shows confidences and a wise, friendly and understandable personality.

The word “crese” is a mixture of the first syllables of the words “growth” and “seminar” in Spanish, which sound phonetically like the word “grow” in Spanish. A word that describes the action that provokes the product, personal growth.

The logo is composed of two elements, the first is the word “crese” and the second is a signature with the same word. This signature was added to give it softness and a more personal and warm touch.

Another element of this design is the use of the selected colors to give it a more feminine, warm, friendly and inspirational personality to the brand. The complete look of this identity is complemented with the image of a mountain, a symbol that represents personal growth and self-knowledge.


Envelope, notebook, and business card.

Water bottles.

Notebook and business card.


Brand behavior.

Business card.

Brand behavior.



Mailer, letterhead, and flyer.

Client card, water bottle, and folder.

Business cards and information stickers.

Brand behavior.

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