Indigo is an architecture firm located in Monterrey, Mexico. This firm stands out in 4 key areas: architecture, interior design, construction, and landscaping. The customer was looking for a brand to represent its four services in an elegant, minimalist and modern way with a graphic style that was able to relate to contemporary architecture.

The logo was inspired by a modern building; where we got the idea of making a vertical composition with a very geometric typography. A very organic but very well structured grid was used to design it, which gave the brand a modern, strong, versatile, and architectural look.

The identity of the design is completed with 4 geometric icons inspired by symbols of the new age movement, these icons representing each of the four services of the brand and can be seen individually or as golden patterns around the entire identity.

Folder and business card.

Pattern design.

Business card.

Business card and pattern design.

Pattern design.

Blue print packaging and construction helmet.


Pattern design.

Letter head and business card.

Business card and folder.

Pattern design.


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