Tatumi is a temporary tattoos’ online store based in Mexico. The client was looking for a friendly, clean, modern design and easy to manufacture materials. A brand with meaning that was able to attract people of all ages. The brand name was created from the sound of the English words “Tattoo me”. The logo was inspired by the action of applying a temporary tattoo, this is why it looks like it’s being taken off of its surface. For the colors of the brand, the inspiration was the typical airmail envelopes, using red and blue in combination with white and neutral backgrounds. A series of friendly icons inspired by the classic tattoos we all know were designed: heart, anchor, bird, diamond and skull. Icons representing the service, safety, design, quality and variety of Tatumi.


Icon design.


Brand behavior.

Labels and Mailer.

Business card.


Letterhead and mailer.

Brand behavior.



Letterhead, business cards, and illustration.

Brand behavior.


Brand behavior.


Labels, stickers, and mailer.

Mailer and labels.

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